Learn Fine Arts is an online school run by Yulia Hanansen. School offers in-depth study of mosaic arts and other art forms with courses designed for complete beginners to more advanced learners. Once purchased, courses have a lifetime access and can be viewed as many times as you like from anywhere in the world. See a LIST of COURSES BY LEVEL below:

Student Reviews

-"Yulia Hanansen is an inspiring artist and a fabulous teacher. I have taken a number of live classes with her, and also own her on-line flower mosaics and layered mosaics classes. Yulia’s instruction has enabled me to elevate my mosaic and artistic technique in ways I could have never done on my own. Yulia has taken a retiree from the financial services industry and turned her into an artist! If you are someone who does not have an extensive art background but want to be an artist, take instruction from Yulia! If you have background in mosaic I guarantee you that with Yulia’s instruction you will “up your game.” With Yulia’s help I am much more secure in my decisions about color, pattern and background. With her help I am able now to create with confidence." 

-Nicole Splitter McKinney

-"After a 2 day workshop on flower mosaics, I was blown away how Yulia demystifies color, composition, shading and cutting glass. She uses visuals and offers so many tips about tools, resources and technique. I asked her for online training. It has increased my confidence and progress. She’s as good a teacher as she is an artist and that is a high bar!"

-Tammy Sachs

-"About three years ago, new to mosaic but with a couple of workshops under my belt, I took a 5 day workshop with Yulia on "Portrait Mosaics". After that workshop, my skills increased tenfold. I made a beautiful portrait of a Van Gough painting during that workshop and my understanding of glass mosaics grew by leaps and bounds. I have continued to take workshops that have improved my skills and helped me create dozens of spectacular portraits and still life mosaics that I know would not have been possible without her guidance.. I have worked with other glass teachers but Yulia's skill as a teacher and an artist has been by far the best guidance I have received to help me create beautiful pieces of art."

-Rachael Rice 

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