Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Type: Professional Development

Access: unlimited forever, you can watch this workshop as many times as you want from anywhere in the world.

Course Description:

When it comes to being an artist, perhaps the hardest thing to do is to be able to price your artwork. How much to charge? How to write up an Estimate of Costs?

In this lecture course you will learn how to price small mosaic artwork for sale and commissionsIn the process you will learn and practice how to:

  • calculate the cost of Materials, tools, and supplies
  • calculate the cost of the Layout
  • price out the Design based on the cost of materials and labor
  • determine Artistic Value of your artwork
  • adjust the price for sale through the galleries or websites
  • come up with an attractive price and a price buffer

Part 2 of this course teaches you how to write up an Estimate of Costs for a Small Mosaic Commission. You will learn how to:

  • estimate the cost of the Materials, tools, and supplies and how to charge fairly
  • estimate the cost of the Layout and Labor
  • based on the materials and the layout estimate the cost of the Design
  • put together a formal Estimate that you can present to a client for approval
  • how much to charge for a deposit and what additional costs to consider before starting your project

Both sections of the course feature downloadable PDF files with worksheets and samples for you to download, printout, and practice. 

Choose from 2 Payment Options: regular access, or regular access + 30 min. consultation.

Payment Option 1 (video lectures and PDF files):

Payment Option 2 (video lectures, PDF files, + 30 min. Consultation):

mosaic materials
Write up the Cost of Materials

Learn what materials to include into the estimates and in what amounts.

tools supplies
Tools & Supplies

Learn how to include the cost of tools and miscellaneous supplies into the cost of your mosaic.

Cost of Design

Learn how to determine the cost of design depending on its complexity and the cost of materials and labor.

Price out the Work

Follow through the lectures and learn how to price small mosaic artwork, including this Peony sample.

Practice on Worksheets

Practice pricing and estimates on downloadable and printable PDF file worksheets.

Write an Estimate

Learn how to write and Estimate for a commission.

Learn from an Expert!

Yulia Hanansen has been a professional mosaic artist for 20 years. She has written many estimates for her clients for both, small and large scale mosaics. By using Yulia's formula and worksheets you will gain an experience in pricing out your mosaics, so you are comfortable doing it on your own.

Not sure how to price out a particular piece? Choose Option 2 when paying for this workshop and get a 30 minute consultation with Yulia via phone or video.